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How to buy qualified cable from China ?


The correct standards for wire & cable products

Firstly, to recognized certificate identification. When choose and buy, be sure to check whether there is "CCC certificate" authentication marks, specifications, rated voltage, length, manufacturing date, authentication Numbers, inspection, standard, the factory name, the site of factory, such as these identifications should be clear.

Secondly, pay attention to the packing. Printing and packaging should notice to be clear and elegant as well as specifications, names and addresses, etc.

Thirdly, check product appearance. This should be smooth appearance, color, rounded feel good. Check if the rubber type cables, the sheath, cigarette calcinations, insulation available and surface completely no damage.

Fourthly, check the conductor. Conductor should have certain burnish and flexibility, conductor structure size to conform to the state standards.

Fifthly, check length. When the choose and buy, never covet cheap price, such like cable marked with 100m but actually has 90m or 80m, even no length. The length of cable with its mark must accord with standard of 100m ± 0.5 m.

At present, in cable sales market, some undesirable manufacturers regardless of the standards prescribed by the state misdirect consumer, use lower price to attract customers. Take example undesirable use 90 meters instead of the product each reel 100 meters, which damage the interests and trust of consumers, disrupting the cable sales market. Why do these manufacturers sales 90 meter? Use lower price to misdirect consumers. As well as use 14 square mm to instead of 16 square mm. This is fulfilled the words “You get what you pay for”.

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