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Away from the Wire & Cable Industry "winter"
    2012 will be the high-speed development of China's national economy more than 20 years to slow down the growth rate for the first time. Premier Jiabao Wen announced in the "Government Work Report" that the growth of China's GDP is expected to decelerate to 7.5%, caused by the cable industry's unease. People generally agreed that the development situation in the cable industry is not optimistic, and should actively seek the effective way to dormant winter.
In fact, if we seriously review and sort out the chaos of the cable industry in these years, the industry within factors are caused by the vicious competition between enterprises. As long as the vicious competition change to benign competing can be warm and harmonious leave winter in the ever-changing circumstances economic situation.
   General point of view, the main performance of the cable industry's cut-throat competition are the following points:
    The first is price competition. Refers to the irrational product sales price competition, which led to a series of corporate hostility and hate, and then in the industry, a series of corporate relations crisis and panic. The aim is to reposition itself in the banner of product prices to expand market share. As a result, the market does not believe in tears "has become the operating credo of some companies, unscrupulous use of the product price weapons, causing market disorder of the entire industry.
    Second is competition of the corporate status. Means in a region and even across the country, who is the leader of the competition. Are eligible to participate in the competition means of competitive large enterprises. The consequences of the status of competition, not enhance the credibility and strength, but by exposure to a short board, both sides are extremely detrimental to the ultimate lose-lose. SMEs can only watch the crowd, and some even to the very moral in the bidding the bidding event, compliance companies in trouble.
    The third is the corporate brand competition. Refers to corporate performance, honor, reputation, reputation, and even the scale of business competition. Competition is extremely beneficial to enhance the corporate image, but unrealistic exaggerated propaganda, often become the entry point of the competitors waiting in the wings to attack, and even cause Qualification suspected, devastating the corporate reputation.
    There are other aspects of competition, such as technological innovation, corporate culture, firm size, which are the strength of the performance of the enterprise, even if there is competition, the match is difficult to shake.
    Competition and competing are both in order to survive, but survival methods may vary. Instead of struggling to make ends meet in the badly beaten competition as sunny competing to survive in harmony. Especially in the current economic situation, enterprises are to survive, only to seek competing, while avoiding the brutal competition in order to hold together to leave the winter.
    Public opinion, the so-called "hold together", should be harmony, understanding and cooperation between enterprises. In other words, we should avoid a tense, brutal competition, while promoting all kinds of enterprises competing in harmony; should avoid high-profile shout of "concentration", while the smooth restructuring within the industry, so the free combination of the companies on the basis of mutual trust. In this regard, some wire and cable companies are concentrated in the region has made a successful case. As Xipei Jiang said: "should increase efforts to interact with industry colleagues, to strengthen cooperation to achieve complementary advantages, to accelerate the industry consolidation, mergers, and jointly promote the healthy and steady development."
    In short, it is often said that "only competition could stimulate", "competition could develop", but if the competition into a disorderly, vicious, cruel, unscrupulous situation, should take effective measures to expose and clear black sheep, giving the industry a freedom, equality, competition situation. In order to achieve this situation, the need for most of the enterprises to carry forward the fine tradition of unity and struggle of China's cable industry, deepen the communication between enterprises, understanding, trust and cooperation, mutual support, help and reminder to turn competition into competing, to have a warm harmony winter.
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