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2012 Wire and Cable Industry Green Development Forum held in Lin’an

   Wire and Cable Industry Green Development Forum” opened grandly in Lin’an City ,Zhejiang Province On June 28, ”2012  .Cross-Strait Optical Communications Industry Alliance, Zhejiang Lin’an Wire & Cable Association, and Cableabc jointly hosted this forum.

   A major topic discussed this forum is “how cable industry should follow green, low carbon and sustainable development”. Nowadays, Environment and green development issues are becoming the focus of community , and also the cable industry needs to follow a green, low carbon, sustainable development way, corresponding with the requirements of the green economic development has become an important factor for cable enterprise management and development. During this forum, the participants exchanged their ideas related with the green development of the cable industry at the current economic situation, and wished that this forum can condense innovative wisdom to develop green wire and cable, grasp this green wave to get self-development opportunities.

  Mr. Yibin Zhang(the director of state grid energy research institute), made a speech entitled " of the domestic and international smart grid”, reviewing the development of the international smart grid, analyzing our country’ strategic vicissitude from the" strong grid "to" strong and smart grid "and the actual situation and necessity to develop smart grid ,in the meanwhile ,he described in detail that the construction and practice made by the national power grid will led to promote strong and smart grid.

   Green is the hope of survival, green is the way of development, during the thematic conversation of the green opportunities and challenges in the cable industry‘, Each honored guest made an intense discussion within the theme, emphasized the vital role of green development both in the cable enterprise and even the whole society.

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