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Wire and cable industry is important to supporting China's economic construction industry.

    Wire and cable industry is important to supporting China's economic construction industry, widely used in all areas of the national economy, accounting for a quarter of China's output of electrical equipment industry, the machinery industry, second only to the automotive industry's second largest industry. Thanks to the rapid development of China's economy in recent years, wire and cable industry have maintained a good momentum of growth, the current production reached the world.
   "National power grids to the great opportunities in this industry, but thesteady growth of the industry itself, the lack of explosive growthexpectations." Investment analyst Kim Sun Hao Braun said that in the"Eleventh Five-Year" period, a total investment of power grid willreach 1.2 trillion yuan, is the "fifth" power grid investment 500billion yuan during the period 2.4 times the compound annual growth rate ofover 19.1% of investment. Power grid construction as the most importantsupporting industries, wire and cable industry will rely on the "EleventhFive-Year" network planning, the upgrading of transmission anddistribution equipment, high-capacity transmission line construction andrenovation and other business opportunities, usher in a new round of rapiddevelopment.

    Meanwhile, the wire and cable industry concentration is not high now, industryconsolidation inevitable large-scale, small wire and cable companies willgradually be eliminated. Concentration in the industry to improve the process,the quality of the growth rate of large enterprises will be higher than theindustry average growth rate, leading to growth of the industry. These areopportunities for Kazuma cable.

    Wire and cable industry, as a downstream highly competitive industry, cableindustry but also by the impact of large fluctuations in copper prices, whichare directly related to its results of operations.

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