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Booming Wire and Cable Market in China

The Development of Advanced Wire and Cable Technology and Products in China to be accelerated in 2011-2015

During 2011-2015,it is expected that the size of amount industry sales growthis about 4% to 8%.By the end of the Twelfth Five-Year period ,it is predictedthat the amount of copper consumption is about 5.5 to 6.2 million tons. At thesame time ,the main objective for the development of China wire and cableindustry is to enhance the competiveness of enterprises ,to optimize the expandthe proportion of R&D personnel and R&D investment ,and to strengthentechnologies innovation.

Main Research Projects in Next Five Years

In the Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for the Wire and Cable Industry,
below 9 research projects are listed as below:

● Basis of high voltage XLPE cable applications
● Cables for Marine engineering
● Optical fiber perform products
● Superconducting cables
● Wire and cable materials recovery technologies
● Reliability and application of China-made high-voltage over head transmissionlines composite-enhanced core materials
● High solids paint and coating process
● Cycle load-carrying capacity and real-time current-carrying capacity

Main Trends for New Products in the Next Five Years

● R&D of 220 KV high voltage cable adapter kits
● Domestic production of Class 1E K1-type cables for nuclear power generationservive
● Development and improvement of cables for aerospace
● Development of cables for high-speed rail transport
● Development of new fiber-optic
● Development and improvement of increase-volume heat-resistant aluminum allay
● Development of high-voltage plastic insulated DC cables
● Development of anti-ice leads, self-damping conductors, low corona wires,corrosion-resistant wires and other new cable series

Hot Technologies and products in the Next Five Years

● Cables for Marine Engineering
● Optical Fiber Preform Products
● Products Related to High-pressure and Extra-high Pressure Cable lines
● Cables for High-speed Rail Transportation
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