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90 Saltbath Curing Line
Item No. : EM-XLI0090-01
MOQ: 1 set
Color: top white under blue

Simple process:

90-20D cold feed vacuum extruder

1.5 short transmission

6m Saltbath spray

6m Roller wheel

8m Roller wheel rolling soaking

6m heating and cleaning

4m cooling and clearing

Traction machine

Auto length cutter with meter counter

Coiling machine

Salt dissolving furnace


Important data

Equipment center height: 1050±20mm

Equipment color: top white under blue

Equipment power: six meters

Air need: 0.5~06.MPa

Water need: 0.2MPa

Low-voltage electrical: Schneider

Motor Brand: Siemens

Inverter brand: Delta

The production line: 30mpm

Temperature controller: Omron

Equipment working: temperature: 0~40, humidity 50%~90%

Emergency stop device: all powered devices are set to emergency stop devices

Action indicator color: power indicator: white, operating instructions: green, fault indication: red

Components installed: start, stop buttons and other operation buttons

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