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Agilent E5062A Network Analyzer
Widely used in the field of RF, communications and cable television
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5062a universal network analyzer uses the latest modern technology, with easy to use characteristics and stable performance,
so as to be able to reliably measure the basic s parameters
Main index of e5062a:
E5062a frequency: 300k-3GHz
Impedance of 50 or 75 ohm test port for t/r or S parameter integrated tester
120 dB dynamic range and 0.005 DB RMS trace noise
Built in visual basic, application programming language (VBA)
E5062a order information:
E5062a - 250 s parameter test, 50 OMEGA system impedance and extended power range
E5062a - 275 s parameter test, 75 OMEGA system impedance and extended power range
E5062a - 1E1 extended power range (-45 to 10dBm)
E5062a - 100 adds fault location and SRL analysis function
E5062a - 016 touch screen color LCD
Attachment: calibration piece hp85033d/e (3.5mm)
Calibration piece hp85032b (type n)
Calibration piece hp85036b (75 omega)

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